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The Harvest Village has partnered with farmers, businesses, educational entities, and community organizations to create an agricultural network that brings high-quality, African-grown products to mainstream global markets

The Harvest Village offers businesses access to a supply chain of potential buyers, investment in production, and a network that facilitates cross-cultural partnerships.

This transformative ecosystem provides robust training, workforce development programming, capacity building and business development opportunities for the purchasing of goods and services. Currently a network of 17,000 commercial farmers across Ghana, Harvest farmers supply cocoa, coffee, plantain, moringa and other fresh produce, as well as commercial stock fish. In addition, farmers and producers receive training, technology, marketing, business development, and other capacity building and technical assistance supports.


An authentic global village that caters to the needs of all customers based on convenience, speed, timing, and affordability. A reliable service platform with meticulous quality assurance taste and conformity qualifications requirement to all products offered.

Harvest is a community that teaches customers about new products uses for cosmetics, health, body and beauty treatments. Harvest is about enjoying different native foods such as tea from Africa and cuisines.

Harvest is a lifestyle cultural story, tourism, expression patriotism and pride backed by economics, affordability quality and consistency. Affordable quality and class while considering health and environment leading to the harmonious authenticity at your fingertips.


Harvest invests 10% of the proceeds into Denkyem to support job creation and educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Sports & Agriculture (STEAMSA).

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